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Adam Feuerstein's Insane Obsession With Me

|Includes:Amarin Corporation PLC (AMRN)

While flattering, and seemingly attracting more followers to me, while taking away credibility from himself, I am bewildered that AF has so much time on his hands and such little knowledge about the companies he writes about.

I have had many SA followers (and non SA members) send me messages about their frustration with his garbage. What I'd like to let you know is that to Adam it is all "fun, and a game on a daily basis". Your financial well being and the facts mean nothing to him. On several occasions I emailed him directly and called, offering my cell number to try and understand his motives. No surprise that he did not call and confront me; his answer is to act cowardly because he has little truth in his writings, but he chooses to spew blog writings, which have proven meaningless to the market. That is the reason companies will not take interviews with him, because he has zero credibility.

I'm sure his followers will love this example from Adam:

"Steve -- when you publish articles, predictions, commentary about stocks in the public domain, you should expect people to respond and react. This is part of my job on a daily basis. My column points out areas where we disagree on Amarin. It's not personal. There is nothing slanderous or libelous in my column. You should calm down and have some fun with it."

So, hope you guys appreciate this is all fun and games to AF. For the rest of us, we'll keep it professional and facts-based. I'm sure he will try to discredit the following too:

"Water is wet," Fire is hot", "There are 100 pennies in a dollar"

So AF, thanks but no thanks - I'm already taken, and she's a whole lot more attractive than you.

Stocks: AMRN