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Today's Non-Move By FDA Tells Us One Thing...

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I will come out and say up front, this post is not to try and spin a non-decision by FDA on NCE status - there is no good way to look at FDA delaying so much, nothing good has or will come out of that, to be clear.

But, today's non-move actually does help eliminate one theory (which, while I did not agree with, I certainly felt had some merit and needed to be considered)...the timing of the generic Vascepa guidance *could have been" taken as that a decision was made that Vascepa is not NCE. If so, the answer would have been handed down and updated in the OB today as a "no". That has not happened, so that negative theory around the generic guidance timing is no longer out there.

Rather, I believe that guidance helps the case for NCE - but I have already discussed that on another post and that is a issue separate of today's OB non-event.

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