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Dry Powder

Bought 1000 ONVO.

Bought 100 SSYS.

Used up most of my dry powder today and yesterday.

TINY , IRBT , SSYS , ADEP , ONVO. This is my current "looking for the next revolutionary technology" portfolio.

UPS (my employer for over 20yr) is often times a very good indicator of future macroeconomics. This, combined with an unreal long winning streak in the broad market, prompted me to get some long exposure to volatility which is my method of hedging the market and my holdings.(the poor man's hedge, hehe).

I firmly believe we are going to have another "dotcom" like market boom, but QE(hopium) and inflating asset bubbles (student loans and bonds) and irrational exuberance and a plethora of other concerns have to be worked out before that rocket can blast off.

I will re-institute a stop-loss strategy on ALL my holdings and hope for the best (or worst with my hedge).


Disclosure: I am long TVIX, UPS, TINY, IRBT, ADEP.