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Fast Fat Loss Side Effects

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There are plenty of keep fit weight loss program ranging from personal training, gym workout, online eBook and magazine tips. Everyone is talking about diet, exercise, focus, consistent and hard work to keep everything together. But there is one thing which they will never tell you that will affect their sales and is called side effects of fast fat loss.

Always feel hungry

In all diet program and weight training scheme, everyone that went thru it will definitely experience hunger at some point of time. And you are not supposed to eat high cholesterol food or high energy food intake, and to only allow consume vegetable and fruits. In actual fact, your body is naturally program to make you fee hungry when your body needing energy for your entire body to perform normal routines like thinking, moving and taking.

Actually, you can still eat as per normal if you are exercising. This is a simple math of input vs output, which is energy conversion taught in school. If you keep your input the same, meaning no change to your daily diet habits, but on the other hand you increase your output by exercising, eventually you will loss weight.

Output > Input = Weight loss.

The above formula will allow you to achieve faster weight loss at a short time if you follow a healthier diet. Therefore, please eat as per normal and do exercise to slim down.


Too much exercise and weight training workout will cause you to feel tired. Almost all the time except gym session you will feel fatigue and restless. This is because your muscle is actually in repair or resting mode. Instead of sitting out and let your body recover over time. One quick way is to perform periodic stretching.

As you see, our body which works its muscle to allow you to move, will feel pain after lots of energy workout which is actually burning your fats, oxygen and other food stuff, converting it to heat + kinetic energy. This heat will stress your muscle and result in pain after exercising.

By doing simple stretching, your muscle is allowed to relax and recover faster, squeeze the blood vessel and release your pain from soreness. It may be painful at first but after few session of stretching you should be able to ease out the pain from within.


In most case of weight loss program, you will feel giddy at some point of time. This is due to cut down of sugar and salt. But in actual fact, you do need them for your body to function normally. Should your giddy persist, please consult a doctor immediately and stop your dieting and exercise. This is because a complete diet and work out will not cause you to feel giddy.

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