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The Final March Of The WalMart Greeter

|Includes:Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT)

Although I do not shop there very much,I noticed something recently at WalMart.The Greeter who stood by the front door was missing.Since I trade stocks for a living I frequent stores to get the pulse of the American consumer.In those travels I mentally note little things that catch my eye and that was a glaring absence. Checking up on this development,I found out that the WalMart greeter job has been eliminated after 32 years. Sam Walton fought hard to put that job in place.He understood the little things that made him stand out as a giant in retail.The present brass seems to be going out of their way to eliminate the humble past of the company.Prices that are not so low anymore,empty cash registers creating longer lines,vacant shelf space,etc.These are disturbing trends that can lead to a consumer malaise resulting in sparse crowds on a Saturday morning.So with the final wave of the hand,the Greeter says good-bye to the ghost of Sam Walton and hello to an uncertain retail future.

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