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Ghosts On The Gray Floors

|Includes:Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT)

Everyone knows someone who shops at WalMart on a regular basis.Through casual conversations one begins to form an opinion that the wind has shifted it's course for the giant retailer.Shelves not stocked with the favorite face cream or parts needed for a home appliance missing.A person I know very well said they do not like shopping there anymore.This was their favorite store and the first stop every weekend.Long lines at checkout,no one to point them in the right direction,and barren aisles which held more merchandise.Doing some research,I found something very interesting.Before 2007,WalMart and Sam's Clubs had an average of 338 employees per store.Now in 2013 that number has dwindled down to 281 workers.So for every store 57 positions have been eliminated.Where have these people disappeared to? That is a fundamental question that needs to be answered as customers look for alternatives for their weekly shopping.Sometimes the silence in a store is loud enough to awaken a feeling that the past is over.Where Ghosts tread,the future begins a cloudy descent into a retail reversal.Time to paint the floors a different color.

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Stocks: WMT