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Lost At The Supermarket

|Includes:SUPERVALU Inc. (SVU)

On a fine Saturday afternoon I was in the local supermarket picking up a few items.The second day of summer with a 3:00 barbecue party on the agenda.Things went smoothly as I navigated the large Shop-Rite aisles leading to the Check-out register.Scanning the lines to see my quickest possible exit.The first sign of trouble was a shopping cart left un-attended blocking the path.Who might have left this obstacle in my path slowing down the quick exit? After depositing all of the items on the moving counter,I first saw the man fumbling with his wallet.Something should have told me a trip to Acme -SVU -might have been the better choice.First the cashier asked him for the store card in order to receive discounts.The man shook his head,no,then he was asked for his telephone number so they could retrieve his pin number.He handed the cashier a paper with four numbers on it and I knew this would take awhile.After a few minutes no headway was reached so the patient cashier gave the bill total for him to pay.He had no idea what was being asked of him and started heading for the exit without paying for his purchases.The Cashier then called the supervisor on the phone who then repeated to the man he had to pay up before leaving the store.But still the man did not understand the message and finally left angrily without the bags.This debacle took around 15 minutes out of my life I will never get back.Was this man completely drunk who did not understand English? Or did he wander in from a dementia unit of the local nursing home? I pondered these questions all afternoon until it hit me that maybe he left his Food Stamp card at home and was not accustomed to paying for his groceries.Will this be what happens to the Market when Investors realize that the Fed will not hand out free money anymore?Many will leave angrily as the market reacts to this monetary pull-back.Like the man lost at the supermarket,the crowd leaves in a hurry glancing back at the full bags they left behind.

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Stocks: SVU