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The 29 Hour Workweek:The Epic Struggle

Once upon a time a job consisted of five days of work,eight hours a day adding up to a full week.Those forty hours took up your time but still allowed for daily activities and two full days off.Many a Saturday or Sunday were spent doing the things you wanted like playing sports,fixing the house,shopping,or just relaxing,watching t.v.or surfing the Internet.Since 2008-2009 many things have changed in the workplace especially the work hours.People I know who work at the same jobs have had their hours reduced or now have to work weekends with days off during the week.Monday May be your new Saturday if the business is open seven days a week.Which leads me to a point where I start to believe that family life will get more complicated as this new normal plays out.If people need to coordinate a weekly schedule with two or more different jobs,free time will be impacted in a huge way.Who will buy sports equipment,take trips,or watch the t.v.programs? A fundamental shift is coming to the USA workplace with millions affected and whole leisure businesses in a new state of flux.People sometimes do not act well when their normal world is turned upside down.How will their shopping habits change? Will there be enough time for them to enjoy a solid quality of life? My feeling is that things could unravel very fast if solutions are not found for the American worker.Stress complicates life and everyone needs a rest at some time.