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Over The Waterfall In A Leaky Barrel

With less than ten days to go before the deadline to raise the debt ceiling is breached,time slows to a crawl.Many decades ago adventure seekers lined up ten deep to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.Each person had their reasons and methods to achieve this great feat.There was a building of tension as the date approached.The media hyped the events as entertainment was in short supply unlike today when " Breaking News " flashes every half-hour.This Debt Ceiling debate even has China's attention as they hold over a trillion dollars of treasuries.The question they are asking is whether the USA will default on their very large credit card? Some in Congress fail to realize the enormity of that question.They seem to revel in the attention that this moment in time affords them.As I look around at the players in this very serious drama a thought passes that this group might be the one to go over the Waterfall In the leaky barrel.Most in the Market believed that a deal will be reached before the deadline.I believe that you better entertain the thought that the possibility exists a deal will not be reached.With that in mind,hedge your portfolio accordingly to make sure the barrel is stronger than the jagged rocks looming ahead.