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Ghost Tables At Bank Of America

|Includes:Bank of America Corporation (BAC)

Another 3000 souls will be eliminated in the latest job cuts at Bank Of America - BAC . This is on top of the 9000 they laid off in the third quarter that just passed.Will BAC start to shutter some branches in 2014 or announce even more layoffs? Creating more ghost tables where a friendly face once populated the space.With the heavy fines being handed out on a weekly basis,the possibility exists that bank expenses will need to be cut quite heavily.Does this look like an economic recovery to you? I did not think so and the nightly news will have a hard time keeping a positive tone accordingly.Holiday shopping is right around the corner and does not need the reports of bank employee cuts to hamper the rush.Santa Claus will be hard to locate for many children waiting for his arrival if these job cut events continue.

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