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A Sunday Stroll Through The Aisles Of America

|Includes:Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT)

Just got back from my reconnaissance mission at Wal Mart on a Sunday afternoon.When I arrived the parking lot was not crowded and many people were leaving with no bags in hand.A retail expert,whose name escapes me at this moment,once said to sit outside the store and observe how many shopping bags customers left with.This was an early indicator of the amount of business being conducted on this particular day.Entering the store a first impression is reached by the faces of exiting customers.Most wore frowns along with an air of indifference as they steered the one-quarter full carts through the sliding doors.I went to Wal Mart to check the pulse of the average consumer.I neither love or hate this retail giant but understand its position as America's number one store destination.Checking prices of certain items one knows that the gap between Wal Mart - WMT - and it's rivals has narrowed considerably in the last few years.Watching the faces of the customers it appears they too have almost reached that same conclusion.You get the feeling that people are buying what is absolutely necessary and window shopping all the rest of the items.Grocery shelves are picked clean while clothes rack are full to the brim.Generic cosmetics also draw a large crowd while the Sporting Goods department is devoid of humans.Christmas decorations are in full view but will shoppers arrive to see the spectacle ? Only time will tell if Sunday shopping makes a spectacular comeback in 2013.The clock is ticking already one hour behind the crowd.

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