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Few Will Pay Insurance Premiums By January

|Includes:Aetna, Inc. (AET)

On paper the concept of Universal Healthcare probably makes some sense to a Washington bureaucrat.Millions will rush in to join with the promise of full coverage.Someone will say how great this program is and it is about time.The hordes of Un-insured applicants would not have to worry if they will go bankrupt paying off astronomical hospital bills.In this utopian world that seems to exist only inside the Beltway,that high-level bureaucrat thinks he has developed the perfect system.In every scenario any problems can be dealt with by using the Bureaucracy designed for this purpose.Unfortunately major cracks appeared as soon as the website booted up.Glitches were the order of the day as millions affected by these problems could not access the site.Now another problem has cropped up that may affect some healthcare stocks.Will people pay their premiums on time or at all ? Aetna - AET - is already giving applicants until January 8 th to pay up.How about the people who do not realize the HealthCare program is not free and they have to send in payments ? This will be an interesting subject to follow in the next few weeks especially if you own healthcare stocks.Time is running out as only 16 days remain before the January first deadline.Some Washington bureaucrat might be sweating as the Times Square Ball starts to fall.Hope the ice melts by then.

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