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New Jersey Weekly Review

|Includes:Church & Dwight Co Inc. (CHD)

Having lived in New Jersey my entire life it is with honor I begin to write this Instablog.Needing a push to write more often I hope this feature will be a great opportunity to do so.I started my Instablog last February not really knowing what direction it would take me.Writing on a regular basis requires a pool of ideas along with the time needed to put together a cohesive post.I admire writers like Chris DeMuth who churn out great articles every week while trading stocks at the same time.I hope I am able to do half as good as he does one day.The first year has gone as expected with some interesting ideas along with some not so good posts.What I plan to achieve this year is to pick up more followers and more comments as I truly care what the Seeking Alpha community has to say.Let's start with Chris Christie 's apology about the Fort Lee traffic jam.A wise old man told me long ago if you did nothing wrong take a short two minutes to tell everyone you are innocent.Since the Governor took more than one hundred minutes to address this issue more fire will appear from all of that smoke.I personally like Christie but his presidential ambitions are gone like the house in Mantoloking that Hurricane Sandy devoured.He spent too much time apologizing instead of moving past this issue to focus on great New Jersey companies like Church and Dwight - CHD -.If you want to do good things stay away from politics instead concentrating on the positive things happening every day in the state.My goal is to write an on the ground report that deals with all issues pertaining to New Jersey.Traffic reports will be isolated to Department Store crowds far away from any bridges.There are enough cars on the road something the Governor knows already.

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Stocks: CHD