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New Jersey Weekly Review: Vacant Space

Traveling on a bright sunny day in February,the snow glistens as the road bumps under the car.The condition of the roads may be a metaphor for the local economy as 2014 heads toward spring.House for sale signs will begin to appear soon enough but what seems to be forgotten are vacant commercial sites.These empty retail buildings and office space still litter the landscape after all these years.One might ask,when will these structures be populated with workers and shoppers again? This question will be front and center as the financial media runs out of creative ways to say a recovery has taken hold.Explaining away the vacancies and for sale signs can last only for so long.Finagling numbers to make your case will not fool the general public for the next five years.Vacant and for sale signs need to disappear from view before the recovery can be finalized.The potholes can be filled in due time,let's see if the buildings will follow suit.