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The News Is Bad

|Includes:Cablevision Systems Corporation (CVC)

The turmoil in the World today has reached a fever pitch.Events in the Ukraine , the missing Malaysian airliner, riots in about ten countries, and the slowing Chinese economy dominate the evening news.One wonders what the next " Breaking News " story will be and where it will occur.So many things to watch that a visual overload can make one think that things are spiraling out of control.In this chaos a clear mind will reason that a stock trade might be available for future profits.As I watched the News my eyes fell upon the cable box beneath the television set.On that box was the name Cablevision - CVC - a company I admit I overlook most of the times.So that will be the first trade of the new week.The abundance of bad news should drive more eyes to the screen.In the Fog of War,some will profit off the misery of others.On Wall Street this happens all the time.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in CVC over the next 72 hours.

Stocks: CVC