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Death Of A Stock

|Includes:BBRY, SteelCloud, Inc. (SCLD)

The death of a classmate is always a reminder that every day is special and should never be taken for granted.In a different time period you are jumping over a brook on a hot summer day,thirty years later reading an obituary shaking your head.Time passes too quickly without ever really saying goodbye.The same can be said for stocks you traded successfully in past years.One of these stocks announced last Friday it was winding down as a public entity ceasing to trade anymore.Steel Cloud - SCLD - had it's day in the sun never reaching their full potential.They did mobile system work for BlackBerry - BBRY - with a future that looked promising at the onset.The end will offer no value for current shareholders as the trading winds down.No tears here as much money was made in past trading and only one hundred shares remained from the last lot.As an old classmate is never forgotten so will this stock remain in my memory.The future of trading requires looking ahead as we leap over the brook of Wall Street.

Disclosure: I am long SCLD.

Stocks: SCLD, BBRY