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Driving Season Starts Early This Year

|Includes:Hess Corporation (HES)

A few years ago during a challenging hurricane season one pulled up to a gasoline pump with dread.The price seemed to change every hour in that crazy period.At one time gas price hikes could be measured according to a seasonal calendar which never really changed.Prices rose around Memorial Day and fell after Labor Day like clockwork.Now no rhyme or reason exists in the new paradigm that started some time ago.Who is behind this Machiavellian move upsetting the motoring public? The usual suspects will be trotted out to take the blame creating scapegoats for further mutterings.When the price of regular gas goes up 16 cents in one week during April someone has to take the blame.I am sure the gas attendant at Hess - HES - is not to blame.Maybe the Hurricane Season is starting early this year.I do not like it one bit.Time to check the air in the bicycle tires once again.

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