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Summer Time Sadness

From the first haunting sounds of Lana Del Ray's " Summertime Sadness" a feeling exists that something is not quite right in her world.Where the summer songs of the past were sunny and cheery,Lana sings a much darker tune with the hint of death lurking in the background.The song repeats over and over as you drive down the road.On this Sunday morning I stopped at the Post Office to pick up some stamps.With my Daughter in tow we entered the building which is open 24/7 with a stamp kiosk.I saw the man right away sleeping at the table off to the right.Everybody knows homeless people exists but the shock of seeing one when you least expect it leaves an impression nonetheless.As we left the parking lot I switched on the radio per my daughter's request and Summertime Sadness came over the speakers.About a half-mile down the road we passed another homeless man on a bicycle carrying his belongings in a backpack.The coincidence of the song playing at the same time was not lost on me.For anyone trading in the summer of 2008 that feeling of foreboding was right on the surface six years ago.Today as I pondered the events of the morning that same feeling crept up from my soul.The Bull Market which started in 2009 is already long in the tooth so the Portugal scare this week reminded me that things do not always go up.Be vigilant against the possibility that no warning will be given when things go south rapidly.This just might be the start of our Summer Time sadness.Cheer up Lana it has been a great run.