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Sanctions Equals Buy Russian Stocks

|Includes:VimpelCom (VIP)

Politicians would make bad traders because they are too emotional.The sanctions against Russia will backfire because real traders will take the other side of the trade.The prevailing wisdom is that Russian stocks will suffer because of these burdens placed over them.Since I am American I must think like a global trader and keep my long position on Vimpel - VIP - regardless of petty politics and over the top grandstanding.Because emotions do not exist in my trader playbook.From past history these " Events " are like a tornado that ends before it begins.Mindless noise that disrupts a quiet trading day and then it is gone.The Summer trading season lends itself to these occurrences because of light volume.Like a loud thunderstorm,the noise disappears eventually.It happens all of the time.

Disclosure: The author is long VIP.

Stocks: VIP