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Ebola Stock Watchlist

|Includes:ABUS, BCRX, NNVC, Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. (SRPT)

Tuning in to World news these days is tantamount to riding a scary rollercoaster ride.Each turn looks more horrifying than the last one with no end in sight.Planes being shot down or disappearing, war battles on a global scale,and natural disasters on a weekly basis.These are all not good in general but one story makes one cringe at it's name: Ebola.This disease strikes fear in most of the knowledgeable people on this earth.Mortality rates range from 50-90% with no vaccine and cure available.Outbreaks have occurred before they eventually burnt themselves out.The 2014 outbreak seems to be worse as more victims are discovered each day.Which leads me to my next stock sector to be examined.Most people would like to a vaccine to eradicate this terrible disease.My research is in the early stages but 4 names have popped out already.One I picked up the other day on Seeking Alpha called NanoViricides - NNVC-.The other three are Biocryst Pharma - BCRX - ,Tekmira Pharma - TKMR -,and last but not least Sarepta Therapeutics - SRPT.Sarepta actually is working on a Marburg vaccine but the research might be invaluable to Ebola.I have traded Sarepta in the past with great results so that will be watched closely.If you have any more stocks to look at please feel free to comment on this Instablog.Let's find some stocks to cure this dreaded disease.

Disclosure: The author has no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in SRPT, NNVC over the next 72 hours.