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Facebook's 2Q'13

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Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Reported on Wednesday of $0.19 vs $0.14 (EST),Facebook continue fouced on moblie. Facebook really hit it out of the park for its FQ2 of 2013 report . Revenue surged 53% to $1.81 billion, also smoking analyst estimates of $1.62 billion. The operating margin increased about a percentage point compared to the same period a year ago, now up to 44% almost 30% (YTD).

Another important gauge of Facebook's popularity, daily active users increased by 27% to 699 million, whereas monthly active users increased by 21% to 1.15 billion. These are some formidable numbers, but what had analysts particularly pleased was the surge in monthly active mobile users. This figure increased a huge 51% to 819 million.

Not only the number of mobile users increased, but also the portion of revenue derived from this avenue. Mobile ads now account for 41% of advertising revenue, up from 30% in the last quarter. For many, this is evidence that Facebook has effectively managed to capitalize on the mobile advertising market. As a result, analyst upgrades have been streaming in, and price targets have been soaring. In any case, Facebook seems to be growing revenue a lot faster than the competition in this market. Monthly Fools

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