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Treasuries Selling?

"The Treasury is set to unveil its monthly budget report for July at 2 pm ET. Economists expect the budgetary balance to show a deficit of $96 billion compared to a surplus of $116.5 billion in June."- Advfn.

We has been seeing fed off & on these days, we been heard a possiable tapering later on this year, He also disscuss while sticking closely to a time line he first outlined last month that the Fed would halt bond buying by mid-2014, when unemployment was projected to be around 7 percent, Bernanke went out of his way to stress that nothing was set in stone.

"Our asset purchases depend on economic and financial developments, but they are by no means on a preset course," he told the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee in prepared remarks.

Bernanke's semi-annual statement to Congress, which may be his last if the chairman steps down when his term ends in January, as many expect, will be followed by a lengthy question and answer session with the committee's members.

Bernanke said the pace of asset purchases could be reduced "somewhat more quickly" if economic conditions were to improve faster than expected. On the other hand, the current $85 billion monthly pace "could be maintained for longer" if the labor market outlook darkened, or inflation did not look like it was rising back toward the Fed's 2 percent goal.

Treasuries funds TBT, TIP, TLT, TMV,

Look like there'll be up on the year take TMV, TBT for an example up on yearly chart. but are bonds safe? I should say no even a bondman says "Yes, they are".