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Regardless Of Political Turmoil Cub Energy Drills Onward

|Includes:Cub Energy, Inc. (TPNEF)

Stock of the year Cub Energy, which primarily operates in Ukraine, continues with its development program regardless of the political situation in Ukraine.

Cub commissions new treatment facility

Cub begins drilling RK-21 well

Cub shows gas at M-17 well and gas flows at O-24

I have been busy so I have not been posting regular updates. on Cub as they have released news. With the political turmoil in Ukraine investors should be concerned how events will affect Cub Energy. As of now I suspect that a more pro-western Europe government will be elected in upcoming elections this May. The Russians have already raised the price of gas to Ukraine so the impetus to rapidly develop Ukraines own resources will gain more traction in my view. One of the concerns is how will the Ukrainian government pay for the gas that Cub is producing. I suspect that we will see a concerted effort by the US and western Europe to "support" Ukraine financially as a new cold war develops between Russia and the west. Nevertheless the national political news will probably weigh on Cub. All the company can do is continue to execute and hope things calm down which I suspect they will.

I do not think that the Russians are going to invade eastern Ukraine. They will instigate and propagandize ethnic Russians there but the number of Russians in eastern Ukraine is not at the same level as Crimea. The elections in May will tell as there is good chance a right wing Ukrainian Nationalist government led by Svoboda could gain power which would not be viewed by people in eastern Ukraine as a positive. Time will tell.

Disclosure: I am long TPNEF.

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