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2013 Is Coming To An End!

|Includes:Bank of America Corporation (BAC)

OK, it wasn't an easy year if we come back to January. No one could guess indexes will booming so well.

To be honest, it was awesome year.

So, what makes this year to be so great to me?

First, it's my first year to invest like Ben Graham (the father of value investing) rules and during the year learned from Warren Buffet interviews, Videos etc...

Second, finally, i feel like real investor, not like someone who speak without knowing what the companies i put the money is about. and this is a huge change. As Graham said, buy a stock from the point of view of someone who buys the whole company.

Third, great book fall into my hand, named "Stocks for the long run". It's my suggestion for anyone to read it.

Fourth, the "Intelligent investor" book. Anyone who act in stock must to read it, and not only once. what I'm doing is read it repeatedly, and read parts that have huge effect on me when i bit lost me "Value" way. this book is like a balance tool for me.

Fifth, this is the book to value ratio. in addition to the PE ratio, i find myself test companies first by these 2 ratios. if i accept them, I'm moving forward to all others rules i learned from Graham books. and it not easy, this is why I'm using...

Sixth, ..."Finviz" screener. OK, this is one if the best sites on earth for people like us. In the screener i submitted so hard fundamentals ratios that most of the time my upcoming list is empty. But when it's filled with 1-5 companies is step one for start with deeply investigation about each one of them.

Seventh, BAC/ WDC. this are companies i found attractive while too much noise around said to get off of them.

Eighth, the first tow rules of Warren Buffett: "rule #1 never loose money. rule #2 don't forget rule #1."

Ninth, Stop speculation! I stopped invest in small companies, only large ones (S&P 500 companies/ Dow Jones and banks)

Tenth: 2013 yield: 34%. Funny thing is that i meant to 7-8% yield. Along the year i find myself sometimes with 50% of my portfolio in cash and bonds. i felt defensive. On these days I'm about 65% stocks and 35% cash and bonds.

Last one, during 2013 i never leveraged my portfolio.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Disclosure: I am long BAC.

Stocks: BAC