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GoPro, The Product Not The Numbers

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It seems that the "GoPro Bubble" burst today based on their released numbers, with the stock falling over 12% on the day after seeing some great momentum recently. Numbers aside I firmly believe that GoPro has great room for growth not because of their numbers but because they are making a solid, marketable product. Much like apple GoPro has managed to create not only a solid product but a certain image that the other competitors don't have and this in many cases is what's important. Likewise they offer a suite of accessories and mounting hardware that is not only versatile but useful in a number of situations. To top it off all the product is quite competitively priced when compared with other options out there.

If for anything the companies history clearly speaks to their ability to grow. Year after year GoPro has shown its ability to not only innovate but embrace new technology. The company began making small waterproof still cameras and was quick to move into the video realm when digital storage came of age to do so. They went on to jump right onto the HD boat and now offer one of the smallest 1080p 60fps cameras out there. There is a reason you see these cameras all over live camera shows, they are easy to use, reliable, and simply well made. I am quite excited to see what they are cooking up as their next iteration of the camera as its sure to be a solid product if their previous line is any indication of what's to come.

Disclosure: The author is long GPRO.

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