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Keep an Eye on India

|Includes:WisdomTree India Earnings ETF (EPI), PIN
 India has been one of my stellar picks this year, the “I” in BRIC, rocketing 112% from the March lows (click here for my initial report ).  Although it appears overheated for the short term, I believe it has much further to run over the long haul. You want to buy countries that have yet to build infrastructure and a middle class, and China has already done that. India’s per capita GDP came in at a sparse $1,016 last year, compared to $6,100 for the Middle Kingdom. China’s economy today is about on the same level that Japan experienced during the late fifties, while India is still in the late twenties, with large parts effectively mired in the 16th century. India’s recent election of a more pro-business government was the trigger for improved growth, which is expected to exceed 6% for the rest of the year. India’s economy is entirely domestic, and is so far outside the world economic system that the global financial crisis was barely felt there. While we were melting down with a minus 6% GDP rate, India continued to bask in a plus 5.8% growth rate. No subprime debt, toxic portfolios, foreclosure crisis, government bailouts, or AIG, GM, or Chrysler. With 1.2 billion consumers, some 70% of GDP there accounted for by consumer spending, so retail figures large in the country’s future. Even Harley Davidson (NYSE:HOG) has big expansion plans in the world’s largest user of motorcycles.  For those of the ETF persuasion, look at Wisdom tree’s earnings based offering (NYSEARCA:EPI) or the one from PowerShares (NYSEARCA:PIN). Better start checking your share prices in rupees.
Stocks: EPI, PIN