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Todays Results

|Includes:EBIX, VAALCO Energy, Inc. (EGY)


Today we got SLAMMED!  -1.67% loss was NOT good.  I'm beginning to switch into lower beta names which look primed to breakout because If I'm wrong the pain is not so hard to endure.  Germany was under pressure overnight which made it hard for SIemens to pop.  As for just did not work out.   This weekend I will post my results of all my daily percentage gains losses since June 4th, 2010.  
After today's dismal results...if you decided to follow my profit taking strategies, you would be up 35.7%, or up just 29.6% had you held all my daily picks into the closing price of the next day.  Sometime, I don't close out of evident from today and yesturday, and I paid for that this morning when SI and EBIX decided to start sliding.  

Todays Results:

Disclosure: Closed out of SI, EBIX

Stocks: EGY, EBIX