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RIMM Seems To Have App Momentum

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One of the most criticised things in Research in Motions Blackberry OS was that people complained the leak of applications.

Last night the Blackberry Developer Relation Team run the second Portathon where RIM encouraged Android and IOS developers to port their existing apps to the new platform.

Blackberry rewarded them with $100 in cash and specials like alpha prototypes of the new Blackberry OS, which will be released in 17 days on the 30th of January around the world.

So far the system looks pretty decent and it seems that they got the App momentum.

It took the team 37.5h to get more than 15k application ported to Blackberry 10.

Add this to the more than 5k apps from the previous portathon and all the Playbook apps.
Before this portathon RIM CEO Thorsten Heins said that they will have 75k+ apps available at launch.

And this looks more than achievable.

Just in comparison to Windows a simple calculation shows the reality.

Windows 8 started with around 20k apps and is now about to reach 30k. Research in Motion ported nearly as many apps as they have in 2 36h portathons and another is yet to come.

So after we saw that RIM's BB10 is the leading browser in the market ( it seems they understand what it needs to create a new platform.

Aside from this it seems that some pre-order data got leaked from one carrier.

From what can be found on twitter and other sides says that on US carrier received more than 250k pre-orders.

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