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Will The iPhone 6 Come With A Solar-Cell, Standard?

|Includes:AAPL, Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (ASTI), NHYDY

Key Takeaways and, Honestly, Speculation for Ascent:

1) Norsk Hydro ASA owns the (senior) preferred series; Norsk is the Wallenberg (of Sweden) family's cement, fertilizer, and inventor-of-light-metals (i.e. aluminum) "pet company," which they own through their control the foundation asset management company "FAM," which in turn owns controlling stake of the Swedish Investment Company, "Investor AB." Investor AB seems to enjoy nice things, as evidence by a 3.7% stake in AstraZeneca, 30% of Saab, 10.2% of NASDAQ OMX, etc., to the extent:

"The Wallenberg sphere, an international banking- and industry group under the control of Wallenberg family through the holding company Investor AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is today Europe's largest family-controlled business empire. In Sweden alone, the sphere was estimated to indirectly control about a third of the national GDP in 1990." (Source: Wikipedia)

2) Norsk Hydro ASA (OTCQX:NHYDY) signed a contract with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) to provide frames for the iPhone (2012, 3 years after they bought into Ascent through a private offering of preferred shares) - my guess / lottery-ticket contingency is that the iPhone 6 (as Apple negotiates for an extra $100 in subsidies from mobile-carriers, coincidentally the price of the iPhone 5s solar case) could have a solar panel, made by Ascent Solar, on it?

3) The drone company (Titan) that Google just acquired for its near-space wireless hotspot (Loon) project - the picture on file for Titan is the same picture Ascent uses in their slideshow in reference to their aerospace/extreme condition market applications. (Referencing the Bloomberg article on Titan being acquired) If it isn't just happenstance / a lazy design-team, could be a huge windfall.

4) They just shipped a $750,000 shipment to Fry's Electronics (West-Coast retailer), in addition to their 1Q "normal revenue" (i.e. excluding the shipment) exceeding their 1Q guidance. For reference, the management guidance was for a portion of the 500% revenue growth y-o-y (from last years $1 million in product revenue). Also important to point out that they don't include any of their government or specialty PV (photovoltaic) revenue in their financial statement, not sure how they swung that deal - but I guess when the company financing operations owns ~10% of the exchange on which you trade, anything can happen?

For a more in-depth analysis of Ascent, this link will take you to previous coverage. Best of luck!

Disclosure: I am long ASTI.