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Two Stocks We Just Bought

|Includes:CCL, Titan Machinery Inc. (TITN), TSN

Today we went long two stocks for short to medium term trades. One is (NASDAQ:TITN) at 15.94 per share. We purchased this stock for one reason, it appears to us that the fundamentals show its a very cheap way to get some exposure to the global economy if and when it really does pick up. It could easily double if that is the scenario, so in some ways its sort of a "hedge" for us to the upside if the market takes off, since we are still mostly cash

the other is (NYSE:CCL) at 32.71 per share. Simply it has been slaughtered and we are playing it for a 50% retracement of the gap lower it just put in. Nothing fancy here, just an oversold stock that is due for a bounce.

As of today 10/3/2013, we added (NYSE:TSN) at 28.12. We are holding these positions as an upside hedge in case Washington works out its issues, since we remain 95% cash

As of today 10/24/2013.. we took profits on CCL at between $34.70 and $34.77, we are still long TITN and TSN

As of yesterday 10/29/2013... we took profits in (TSN) between 28.42 and 28.51, we are still long TITN

As of today 11/7/2013 we took profits on TITN at 18.62. We are now back to 99% cash.

As of today, 12/11/2013 we re-entered TITN at 14.87. We will look for a target of 17 bucks.

As of today, 12/27/2013, we took profits on TITN at 17.45. our target was achieved and we let it run some more today.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

Stocks: TITN, CCL, TSN