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The Warmers' Own Climate Models Show How Far Off They've Been

See the Charts Below to See How Far Off the Warmers' Climate Models Have Been

The reason they are so far off is they are based on a false premise: that the earth stands in a mostly closed system that they claim produces a "greenhouse effect." Numerous scientists/physicists/mathematicians have shown the "greenhouse effect" is falsified. Nevertheless, the Warmers trudge ahead.

The next reason is, even if the "greenhouse effect" were true, the Warmers have not properly correlated their minor premise with their major premise (above), which is mandatory in proper reasoning: that certain gases, such as and mainly C02, become trapped in a mostly closed system and cause the planet to get hotter.

That means their conclusions must be incorrect, and thus their models, too. As shown below, you have climate models from NASA, the World Climate Research Programme, and the UNIPCC:


Nasa Giss James Hansen climate model failure prediction co2 2012 ScreenShot00046

World Climate Research Programme CMIP3 climate model fail vs reality 2012