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The Warming Hoax Exposed And Killed, In Numerous Ways

The Warming Hoax Exposed and Killed, in Numerous Ways

The authors of this book "expose how crooked climate scientists fake climate temperature numbers by a factor of three!" The book shows how the UNIPCC has faked and altered data and how the organization came into being for the express purpose of proving that AGW is real. (very well documented; numerous authors)

"Slaying the Dragon: The Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory"

In very simple language: "the greenhouse effect conjecture violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics." See here:

In respect to the way the earth is heated, see here (and it ain't by so-called "greenhouse" gases):
1. Radiation and Heat Transfer
"In his paper Computational Blackbody Radiation the author, Claes Johnson, a professor of applied mathematics, derived a result which has surprised many exponents of the "Greenhouse Gas" conjecture which claims that, when radiation returns from the atmosphere to the Earth's surface, then it will slow down the overall rate of cooling of the surface, no matter whether that cooling is by radiative or non-radiative processes.

The non-radiative cooling processes (mostly evaporative cooling and conduction at the interface) were supposedly also affected for reasons never clearly explained, but presumably because it was assumed that the `back radiation' is thermalised in the surface, thus transferring heat which would then affect the rate of non-radiative cooling.

However, Prof. Johnson concluded that no such heat transfer actually occurs when the frequency of the incident radiation is below a "cut off" frequency for the surface which it strikes.

Basically, this came down to saying that, if the spontaneous radiation came from a cooler region of the atmosphere
then there would be no heat transfer to a warmer region of the surface. He described a resonating process in such circumstances, and he went on to explain that the radiation carries electromagnetic energy, but that energy is not converted to thermal energy in the target. Instead, its energy is used to immediately re-emit identical radiation with the same wavelength and intensity."

In respect to the way the Warmers claim their "greenhouse gases heat the earth," "This is what true science is all about: deriving a theoretical model and then proving that it conforms with empirical evidence. This has never been done, and never could be done, with the back radiation hypothesis (the greenhouse effect) because it does not conform with reality. It is pseudo-science." See the entire paper here:

The Sixty-Year Natural Cycle That is Now Producing Cooling
"It is still obvious that the 13-month running average has been declining since 1998. This is totally as would be expected due to a roughly sinusoidal superimposed 60 year natural cycle, for which there is now compelling evidence." See here:

Two physicist/mathematicians show that the "greenhouse effect is fictitious" and therefore man-made global warming cannot occur.

"Why Radiation from the Atmosphere Has Absolutely No Affect on Climate" See here:

The truth about the earth's temperature - and the Warmers' claims are a very enlightening view of their true agenda. The method the Warmers use to come up with temps are fraught with ambiguity and are easily contorted to the whimsical result they want everyone to believe in.