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GuruVIX is currently accepting contributors!

We are currently taking contributors for our website, and paying well with FLAT-RATE! We are also looking for ghost-writers for our Motley Fool, and SeekingAlpha syndication group! We are looking to find some of the most talented writers in the industry. Anything from investors, options traders, futures traders, forex traders, day traders of all kinds! We have an immaculate offering for contributors as well!

How Does Payment Work?

First off, to be a payed contributor to GuruVIX, you must bring us viable, original and non-plagiarized material! All you have to do is register with us, and submit work, its that simple! We will monetize your work, with our sponsors and affiliates, and you will earn 20% of the advertisement earnings! Oh wait, its not over yet, if your material is considered "viable" we will publish and syndicate your material through a major news provider. We will pay you a flat rate of $20.00 for a general exclusive article! If your content is considered "Top-Of-The-Line" we will pay anywhere from $100.00 to $300.00 dollars per article, no matter where its syndicated! Writers must demonstrate dependability and consistency in-order to receive "Top-Of-The-Line" rating by our editors!

Would You Like To Blog?

If you are interested in blogging, we are hiring bloggers! We are looking for rich financial content writers, and we typically pay the standard writing charge for it (0.011 per word). To receive compensation, it must be accepted by our content managers. We will syndicate and extend the reach of your blogs, as well as advertise them. If you host a website, we will ENCOURAGE TRAFFIC. We will monetize your blog for you, creating a decent income based on popularity (You Receive 60% of Advertising Revenue). Also, if you need or want a website, we offer web-design consulting services through EveryWayDesign! They will create an extremely responsive website for you, this will be a premium website for a very reasonable price! We can set you up with sponsors and partners as well that will pay 50-80% of revenue to you directly!

Want To Build Your Social Media Reach?

We will create, or assist your social media reach! We will promote your website/blog on our site as well as any other outlets you use. We will do direct demographic targeting, this will enhance the quality of traffic. We would also be more than happy to assist you in creating and managing a marketing plan by our sponsor web-design company "EveryWayDesign".

Looking For A Website Hosting Company?

We will set everything up for you, through our affiliate "Hostgator". This ensure premium website hosting, and we will do it very cheap as well as get you started, or create the site for you with our consulting services through EveryWayDesign!

Do You Have Extra Domains?

We will buy them, contact us at our listed directory at the bottom of this page! If you do decide to sell them, please list your contract length, name of domain, contents on the website, and current traffic. If you don't know any of that information, then just message us and we will take care of you! We will also assist your in purchasing domains if interested in starting a website!

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