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The Dow 30 Danger!!!

There is an ominous danger lurking in the Dow 30 index. Since 1995, every single scalar top in the previous 2 bull markets have been tested, resulting in very unpleasant bear markets as corrections. These corrections triggered recessions that are now known as "Tech Bubble Crash" and "Housing Market Bubble Burst". The last 4 years of bull market not only produced a 9,000-point run (138% increase), but also 3 untested scalar tops - $9,000, $12,000 and $13,500. Based on the 2 previous bull markets, we can, therefore, assume that the next correction (bear market) will result to the Dow testing those scalar tops, with the highest probability on $13,500, a mild probability on $12,000, and a 50-50 chance on $9,000. See chart here.