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The US-Canadian Border

Parity level 1.0000 (aka The Border) of the pair USD/CAD has been tagged AGAIN as the most recent scalar bottom on the 1,000-pip scale at the beginning of the year - 2nd most recent untested scalar bottom, to be exact. With its current level of 1.10, it makes us all wonder if the Almighty Dollar is ready to shoot up to the pair's 1st most recent untested scalar bottom of 1.20 - a 9% increase with a very high random variable probability according to its past history since the '70's. This should be a no-brainer for risk takers, especially on a long-term perspective. But even if it does break the border AGAIN, you can bet that those pro-American traders will be waiting on the other side, ready and willing to raise the red and white stripes (and multiple buy orders, for that matter) to save the locals their precious pride, "The Strong Dollar Policy". SEE CHART HERE.