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Lower Crude Oil Prices

|Includes:Teucrium WTI Crude Oil ETF (CRUD), FXA

Despite the Dec/Jan rally in crude oil the Primary Pattern is lower -- see chart below. By staying below the $100 per barrel mark this market maintained its current pattern of lower highs going back to February of 2012. Crude is also currently vulnerable to a correction lower as it faces supplier hedging pressure coming out of a mild winter in the northern hemisphere. We also see potential weakness on the horizon if global trade fails to match 2012 levels of growth. The Australian Dollar with its healthy carry trade and AAA rated banking system is a reliable proxy for the global economy and the current weakness in this currency could be a harbinger of a correction lower for world equity markets. Should stock indices see a secondary correction lower it will almost assuredly take crude oil lower also.

The threat to the upside in a word: Iran.

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Stocks: CRUD, FXA