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Why We Still Refuse To Clean Up Air?

|Includes:F, FSLR, GM, SCTY, SPWR, Tesla Motors (TSLA)

in 1970, President Dick Nixon grudingly signed a slew of clean up bills with a greedy grin and a victory sign as usual! Congress shoved bills down Dick's throat. All the do-gooders that we loved ever since worked pretty well in many areas like recycling, picking garbage up in neglected creeks and rivers, air pollution controls, etc.

I fully support the idea of enviornmentalism. If I am asked to grade which one that is performing well. I would give highest grades to land and water clean up but not to air clean up .

Maybe it is true that air is most difficult to clean up as you may very well know how actively we foul up air as compared to water and land. We can see more clearly how we fouled up our land and water but as to air , it is almost invisible unless we really use one of our 5 sensory glands very well that is... SMELL!

Well, I guess you get the idea? One of my favorite air pollution topics is still largely ignored. It is PCV and firewood!

We are all so hyped up about clean air which is good until you understand that half of the smog really comes from loose PCV hose connections found in millions of cars on the road. Just tighten them and we will clear up the smog by half... I may be exaggerating it a bit but loose PCV hose connections is a daily fact that we still don't know about. Our smog check technicians only do visual inspections of PCV hose connections but they don't even touch them for feel to see that they are tightened at all. Why? PCV hose connections are notoriously difficult to reach because of crammed engine components blocking anyone from doing so. Moreover, I don't understand why rubber hoses are used to connect PCV instead of steel tubing that is more secure and reliable.. Well, maybe it is because of labor cost savings at the factory floor. I don't know . Nobody is interested at all .. Come to think how many people fell victim to smog created by loose PCV connections.. That horrible unburned fuel vapors blown out of engines . 8 out of 10 motorists are clueless about what PCV is really doing to clean up our air. Really clueless, indeed!

Lets IPO a new stock called PCV, anyone?

Disclosure: I am long TSLA.