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Hey Coal And Natural Gas Investors.....

|Includes:VanEck Vectors Coal ETF (KOL), UNG, USO

What is becoming a very exciting time for investors and fast buck artists on Wall Street is the glowing promise of higher prices and more profits for coal and natural gas producers . I don't know about oil prices alone. Anyway, there is also a very exciting time for investors , no excuse me... environmentalists as well.

What ? What am I saying ? Hmm, well, as you should know .. environmentalists are still championing firewood as what they like to profess to be known as "carbon neutral" energy. Maybe some of you are familiar about the carbon sequestration argument between dirty fossil fuels versus firewood or other biomass fuels like sugar beet or other energy rich wastes we used to toss in the landfills . The mentality remains the same that is to "burn" for power.

The environmentalists like to argue that firewood is younger in carbon sequestration than fossil fuels which sits deep in the soil for eons . Well, I have yet to see a "big" powerplant that runs on firewood that can deliver gigawatthours all day. Sure there is small scale firewood based powerplants dotting all over the world.

As it comes to air quality and more importantly health effects in form of healthcare costs never mind the long suffering patients laying in beds by millions in hospitals. You would think that firewood is harmless, well, I have to disagree.

I think I better stop here now or I will keep on harping for hours to come. Sufficient to say that our expectations of bountiful capital gains coming from coal and natural gas will be stunted from rapidly growing firewood industry with manufacturers of fireplaces and stoves flipping them out like hot cakes right now.

As you know utilities are switching from coal to natural gas and we will probably end up switching from natural gas to firewood later on. I don't know about air quality in the future but EPA is now working on stricter air standards for future new stoves and fireplaces.. I can only wonder how clean they will be.

Don't get your hopes so high about coal and natural gas..

Stocks: KOL, UNG, USO