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Does Obama Have ADHD?

I have a different reading about the Massachusetts' Senate surprise. It's not that the people don't like healthcare reform. Instead, what I heard goes something along the line of "WTF??? With the biggest recession since before Cold War and WWII and massive job losses and foreclosures and negative asset values and forever-lost retirement funds and college funds, your Number One priority is healthcare reform? O, my God are you f*cking kidding me?"

Healthcare is of course very important. But that's irrelevent. The relevent question is always: what's the most important/urgent?

I have always been befuddled why Obama decided to put healthcare, among >10 competing issues, on the top of his agenda in 09 and invested so much of his political capital in it. The only rational explanation I could come up with is that he's been assimilated by Clintonites, what, with all the old Clintonites he's surrounded himself with and all the Clintonian neo-libs in Congress?

But that was not real source of my befuddlement. The real source was the fact that he seemed to be taking on all the ills of the world at the same time. financial crisis, Iraq, housing, Afghanistan, bailout, HEALTHCARE, global warming, HEALTHCARE, regulatory reform, HEALTHCARE, terrorism...

Just over the past week, he's added three major major issues on his agenda, with hundreds of closely related issues. He started with the shock -n-awe Volcker Plan, sending half of the world into a huge "FINALLY" excitement and the other half into a paralyzing "WTF-did-that-come-from" trauma.

But the next day he switched to jobs. After my brains finally caught up, I said to myself: huh, um, ok, fantastic! That's what should've taken the place of healthcare in 09!

But by then Obama has left the building, and come back with another extremely worthy, extremely important goal: deficit.

Alright, sure, let's do it, man.

Today news has it that in his State of The Union he'll push for healthcare.

My son thinks Obama is the best thing happened to the world, after me obviously. And I'm trying to teach him the importance of focusing and killing one thing dead dead before moving on. If this ADHD streak doesn't end soon, I'll have to have some unpleasant talks with the boy.

But what does this mean for the market? Any item in his long list is a worthy cause and, if progress is made, it'd be a boost to the market at least in the long term. But the way he's been attacking them, only failure, disappointment, and confusion could ensue. 

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