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New Year's Resolutions For The U.S. Government

Ten New Year's Resolutions for the United States of America: (1) Eliminate the Federal Reserve (the Treasury can still print any money needed to "pay our bills" but it will be transparent rather than hidden, as it is now with the Fed), (2) Abolish Social Security, along with the heinous Payroll Tax, and give back every working American his or her individual historical Social Security payments, plus 2% interest, as a credit to an existing or new Roth IRA - qualifying, divorced, non working spouses would receive a prorated portion of the working partner's proceeds. Additionally, convert all traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs (no taxes on withdrawals) to further facilitate the transition away from the current Ponzi scheme. (3) Abolish Medicare - obviously, keep Medicaid for those who can demonstrate true need, (4) Repeal the Obamanable "Affordable" Health Care Act and open up unfettered health care insurance competition across all state lines, (5) Abolish ALL government subsidies of any kind (corporate, special interest, "too big to fail", bailouts, green technology, research, loan guarantees, etc) and leave most "regulation" and "tax incentives" to the states, (6) Fire 50% (or more) of the bloated federal workforce (entirely eliminate the following departments: Energy, Education, Labor, Agriculture, Transportation, HUD, HHS, and Interior), (7) Eliminate the minimum wage, which is the major reason for high unemployment, (8) Require congress to pass a federal budget every year or forego any pay for the year, (9) Slash, and I mean SLASH, taxes - ABOLISH the following double taxation: (a) dividend, (b) interest, (c) capital gains, and (d) death, and finally, (10) Start each and every meeting of any public entity with a reading of the Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments.