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IGoogle's Death = Windows 8 Success?

Many iGoogle users will deplore Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) decision to terminate this internet portal, effective November 2013. However, my experience is that iGoogle is no longer stable and is being terminated earlier than told.

What is the reason for this? Google continues to support the world best web search engine, but their decision to terminate iGoogle will send many of us in search of alternative home pages. Google hopes we will buy into the Google App store, which I find to be unfriendly and limited. I'm not going there, and I suspect many others will not go their either... at least not for many months.

Hasn't Google opened the door to competitors in a silly way?

I've now deleted iGoogle as my homepage and have chosen Symbaloo (, which imports, at my discretion, all of the sites that I had bookmarked under Google and arranges them in a tile format that looks very much like Windows 8! (NASDAQ:MSFT).

I believe Symbaloo is privately held, so most of us cannot invest in it, and as a small player, its future is less than certain, but it points the market in a direction which Google has lost, and perhaps... Microsoft has found.

I am not a tech analyst or specialist, but I am an educated tech consumer. I have a very small position in MSFT, but no position in GOOG.

My opinions are purely my own, as a consumer, and I offer them only to see how others feels about Google's decision to terminate iGoogle and about Microsoft's bold move to introduce Windows 8, which initially is a sub-optimal operating system given MSFT's historical reliance on desktops, many of which are corporate, whose owners stay behind the curve due to security and other internal concerns.

So, my naive supposition is that Google will soon experience a self-inflicted wound terminating iGoogle by pushing users to sites like Symbaloo. The tile-based similarity between Symbaloo and Windows 8 makes me believe that Microsoft is on to something if they can quickly fix Windows 8 foibles and introduce an attractive operating system that reaches across desktops, tablets, and phones.

Disclosure: I am long MSFT.