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Market Gives A Very Good Start For 2012

January is almost over. With two trading days left, January does give us a good ally. Up to last Friday Nasdaq gained 211.40 points or +8.11%; S&P500 was up 58.72 points or +4.67% and DJI index made a 442.90 point run or up +3.62%.

Our Portfolio did much better. Core Portfolio gained +13.58% so far this month and $5K Portfolio gave us +12.33% return in January.

Many of our picks gave us much higher return. Our picks produced three doubles during the last two months and quite few gained more than 30%. More doubles will come.

Those doubles include: PEIX in $0.41 and now $1.05 up +157.91% (we sold half of our position at higher price); MNI in $1.18 and now $2.42, up +104.85%; DANG in $4.12 and now $6.31, up +101.37%. Also TSON up +57.67%; FSII +49.90%; RAS +46.68%; MU +33.15%; JBLU +48.28%, etc. We do hope that the momentum will continue in the coming months.

Disclosure: I am long DANG, PEIX, MNI, MU, TSON, RAS, FSII.