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Puma Biotechnology, Is It The Next CYNK ? New Investors May Be In Big Trouble Soon!

|Includes:Puma Biotechnology, Inc. (PBYI)

So everyone knows the news, PBYI is up 300%. I am going to share a few points based on my research on the company; no in-depth analysis here, just a few points for you to consider.

  • The company has the market cap of 7.2B and no revenue

  • A similar move in CYNK, stock jumped from only a few cents to $20 per share, the company then got halted by SEC and serious losses are expected. Puma is nowhere near a buy at these prices.

  • The 2018 revenue is expected to be 500M if everything goes right according to the CEO! (Trust me, not everything goes right within a business.)

  • Pfizer backed out from funding this drug, I am dying to know why? did they know something?!

  • The side effects of company's cancer drug is very unknown, take a look at what happened to Dara Biosciences with a similar pipeline.

  • The company has a history of giving mixed news, take a look at their history of PR and how the stock went from $140 a share to $60 just a few months ago.

  • No potential bidder at these prices, specially when we take to account the premium bid, the valuation would arrive at north of 10B which is simply unrealistic.

  • Companies like DARA, ARIA and ONTY are working on similar drugs and there stock prices are in fraction of what we see in PBYI.

  • To simplify, the stock price is on cocaine right now so I have no target for the coming weeks.

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