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my last article was perfect for today's news...why didn't SA publish it?

when i look around at some of the articles being published on SA, it makes me wonder why they aren't publishing mine? some guy wrote an article the other day that the US has only 10 years of natural gas reserves, and SA published it.

but my last article, "the big picture", which talks about the problems of the US dollar as a result of foreign oil addiction doesn't get published. yet this morning, we have news from the British Independent newspaper, that the middle eastern oil producers are working with chinese, japanese, and european countries to begin trading oil in a basket of currencies and gold as opposed to the U.S. dollar. now, the saudis and others denied this report, yet the dollar is trading down (big surprise) and oil is trading up. and so is gold...both mentioned in my last article.

meanwhile, there were two intentionally leaked items over the weekend. one in the NY Times saying that iran was much further ahead in the nuclear bomb works, and one in a London paper saying israeli intelligence determined russian physicists were working with iran on the bomb, and that is why netanyahu visited russia recently. combine these leaks with obama's pause in afghanistan, and it is becoming clearer that the U.S. is considering striking in iran sooner rather than later. i mean, if the US could go to war in iraq for no reason whatsoever, why wouldn't the US go to war in iran if they have, or will soon have, a nuclear weapon? and why not do it while oil inventories are at 20 year highs and the world is still in recession. of course the big issue (other than all the innocent people that will die...), is, can the U.S. prevent iran from pluggin up the straits of hormuz and bottling up oil deliveries?

what a mess!! all because the U.S. is too ignorant to adopt natural gas transportation and is completely reliant on oil to drive its economy and on devaluing the dollar to pay off its tremendous debt. what a ridiculous way to run a country.