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Liberation from the profit motive

About a year ago I got involved in a none-profit financial education local organization, the goal of the organization or the open for all club was to educate, debate and discuss issues relating to investing in general and value investing in particular.

While the club core subject matter is profit related, the club organizers have not demanded compensation nor participation from the club members in the club administrative and promotional fees.

For some readers and club members, it may seem odd that a significant amount of work and funds are being invested by the organizers in a venture that yield no profit, no revenues and has slim prospects of becoming a business.

The answer to the above lays in the passion of the organizers for the club subject matter, when profit is not the end game, the creativity and the passion of the human spirit is unleashed; being generous in one’s time and money for the purpose of educating others, and enriching the life of the community in a lively debate that may serve in the economic and social advancement of its members is a worthwhile pursuit.

Throughout history, major advancement in science, economy, politics, arts, philosophy, medicine... etc , took place due to the passion, curiosity and drive of their founders, major accomplishments such as the discovery of evolution by Charles Darwin was driven by a love to learn and discover;  Vincent Willem van Gogh one of history greatest painters, died pennyless yet he pursued his art with vigour and pride.  Howard Hughes one of the Untied State’s greatest media tycoons and industrialist, produced his most successful movies and airplanes out of love to innovate; he often risked his fortune and his life to accomplish what others feared to build; historic figures such as Gandhi and Nelson Mandela dedicated their life for a cause that was bigger than they are.

I am not saying that material objectives have not played a role in the progress of the human race, but often other inner and altruistic drivers have been as important in the contribution to our society; and it is often the passion to excel in a certain domain that brings the profit to the pursuer as an unexpected bonus rather than as an end goal.

I do need however to highlight that I am not comparing running a local investment club to the greatest and most famous in our history; my massage is that those who pursue their passion and curiosity beyond the search for profits can enrich their lives and the life of those around them in ways other than money; breaking away from the profit motive can often be liberating, exhilarating and exciting in a world ruled by money and the need to make more money; invest your time and money in your passion and you shall receive a divided in emotions and satisfaction that no money will bring you, and yet if you excel in what you do money will pursue you nonetheless.

In our blind pursuit to make fortunes at every turn and at every opportunity, many of us have forgotten what real freedom is all about, the smile on a kid face when they enter a candy store, the butterfly in our stomach when we get our first kiss, the wonder in our eyes the first time we see a rainbow, and the flood of emotions we feel when we hold our first born; this is real freedom, this is real passion and this is why life is worth living; there is more to life then the profit motive, break away that chain and live your life.

Nawar Alsaadi

Independent Investor &

Vancouver Value Investors Co-Organizer






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