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Interview with Tom Bradley president and co-founder of Steady Hand Investment Funds

Steady Hand Investment Funds is one of the most innovative mutual fund companies in Canada, they have an absolute focus on the customer with low fees, maximum transparency and focus on absolute returns, followed is my interview with Mr.Bradley at the Vancouver Value Investors meetup on June 24th 2010:

Part 1:

Part 2:

About Vancouver Value Investors (NYSE:VVI):


VVI is a community meeting group organized for the purpose of promoting the principles of sound investing as described by the likes of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, as well as, promoting and fostering connections between Vancouver’s individual investor community and BC entrepreneurs. VVI is a non-profit group fully funded by its organizer Mr. Nawar Alsaadi. Competent money managers and BC entrepreneurs with interest to present to our members are welcome to contact us at

Disclosure: Disclosure: The author is not affiliated or invested with Steady Hand Investment Funds