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SEC Warns Investors To Be Wary Of Oil & Gas Offerings

On May 2, 2013, the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) issued and investor alert on considerations investor should be aware of when investing in private oil & gas offerings. Follow this link to access the entire document on the SEC website. This warning is much like a similar warning from the North American Securities Administrators Association in March 2013.

The SEC warns that investing in any private security offering contains unique risks, but oil and gas offerings have additional risks to consider. They list these common red flags often used to tout these investments to potential investors:

  • Sales pitches referring to recent news events like high oil or gas prices.
  • "Can't miss" wells and "guaranteed" returns, including claims that major oil and gas companies are drilling nearby.
  • Abnormally high rates of return.
  • Unsolicited materials.
  • Sales tactics that pressure you to decide, like "limited" or "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity.
  • Sales pitches touting new technology, especially if it relates to getting higher production out of low-producing wells (sometimes called "stripper" wells).
  • Salesperson claims to be an investor.
  • Being asked to sign documents acknowledging that the securities laws do not apply to the investment.

A listing of some of the oil & gas private placements recently offered to investors:

  • Adageo Energy
  • Alliance Petroleum Corporation
  • Alpha Energy
  • Atlas Energy L.P.
  • Aztec Oil & Gas
  • Black Diamond Energy
  • Bradford Energy
  • Catalyst Energy
  • Gulf Coast Rig & Equipment
  • Discovery Oil & Gas Partners
  • Mewbourne Energy
  • Noble Royalties
  • Penneco Drilling
  • Reef Oil & Gas Partnerships
  • Ridgewood Energy Fund
  • Sandridge Energy
  • South Central Region Private Limited Partnership
  • South Central
  • Texas Energy
  • Tidal Petroleum
  • U.S. Energy
  • Waveland Capital
  • Waveland Oil & Gas

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