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Integrated Investing Research: Doctor Tran's Top Quarterly Recommendations


To All My Readers,

I am grateful for having the opportunity to share with you all my research publications. I highly appreciate your readerships and supports for without you all ... I would not be writing or publishing. I take your feedbacks and suggestions with the utmost respect. I strongly believe that your inputs, whether they are questions, constructive criticisms, or general comments have been instrumental in educating me to become more educated and informed.

With that being said, it is my mission to perform due diligence to the best of my best God-given abilities in delivering market intelligence to you all as my tokens of appreciation for your readerships. Regarding the publication of my first article on Intercept, I received interesting emails requests/calls from readers pertaining to my next picks and my recommendations.

As the results of your insightful/intelligent responses, I was inspired to compile a research article with recommendations on my favorites companies, which I studied over the years.

Due to the time-pressure as the earning season is approaching, I worked as diligently as I could. I just published the first draft of "Integrated Investment Research: Doctor Tran's Top Quarterly Recommendations." on my website "Retail Investor 360."

I will perform further editing and elaborating tomorrow. Nevertheless, I published that article on my website ASAP for you to have the research intelligence over the weekend to perform your own due diligence.

I hope that you will enjoy this research article, as well as, the recent articles pertaining to Darden Restaurants/Intercept Pharmaceuticals. More importantly, my wish is for you to earn as much money as you could.

Thank you for being my readers, as well as, my teachers to assist me in my quest to become more educated/informed and to refine, as well as, to make the best use of my God given abilities.

Please feel free to send me more emails or to give me a call if you have any questions, concerns, or if you would like my opinion on your favorite stocks.

FYI, I classified the various issues/stocks in the list into industries and also provide a brief stories for certain companies. In addition, I assigned a maximum of 5-stars ranking for each issues. Also, I apologize before hand to the Arena investors, as well as, the Orexigen investors. I neither have any personal issue against Arena nor Orexigen. I just found the evidence to suggest maybe you guys should recheck the investing stories pertaining to these companies.

Best of Luck Investing,

Doctor Hung V Tran, MD
Chief Medical Analyst, Retail Investor 360
Managing Partner, Vincata Enterprises LLC
(704) 953 - 9388