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Thanks to All SA Contributers

As a n00b to trading and investing, I just want to say "Thanks" to all of you SA contributors for your generosity in sharing the wealth of knowledge you possess. I can't possibly list all that I've learned from, contributors and commenters alike. But you can see many of them by looking at my "Following" list. I'm adding more as I go, but I am beginning to bump up against my "maximum I can keep track of" wall.

I especially wanted to note J. S. Kim's "Telltale Signs That a Significant Correction Isn't Imminent", which gave me the final clue to get mostly to cash, but for a gold miner and a couple of small-cap positions.

Today's downturn barely hurt at all.

To SA, contributers and commenters, thanks!

Disclosures: no positions in any index, ETF, etc. Long a gold miner and some small-cap long-term equities.