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Top Insider Trades 3/14/14: REGN, FEYE, PFSW, RWC

|Includes:FEYE, PFSW, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (REGN), RWC

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In a victory for common sense, the trading behavior of company executives, directors, and large shareholders in the stocks of firms they're registered "insiders" at have been proven profitable to monitor by both academic studies and (more importantly) the experience of professional investors.

Below are lists of the top 10 mainly open-market insider purchases and sales filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday, March 14, 2014 as ranked by dollar value.

Please note, however, that these are factual lists (with edits to remove some noise), not buy and sell recommendations. Dollar value is only one metric to assess the importance of an insider transaction, and, frankly, often not even the most important metric that determines if an insider transaction is significant.

We should also point out that we are presently in a slow filing time for insiders because many companies still have their trading windows closed to their executives until their June quarter earnings are released.

But at, we find new investment ideas just about every day using these and more intricate insider screens to determine where we should focus our subsequent fundamental and technical analysis. And while stocks don't (or shouldn't) move up or down based on insider activity alone, insiders tend to be good indicators of when real stock-moving events like earnings surprises, corporate actions, and new products may be in the offing.

So use these regular blog posts as the initial research tools they are meant to be, and click the links in the tables to analyze a company's or insider's full insider history. Also feel free to email with any questions on our proprietary insider data, and how it is best analyzed.

Insider Purchases
Filer Name Insider Titles Company Name Ticker Trans
Dollar Value
Sanofi BO Regeneron Pharm REGN B $73,964,408
Transcosmos BO Pfsweb PFSW B $3,079,294
Pfizer BO Aquinox Pharm AQXP JB* $2,999,997
Privet Fund Mgt BO Relm Wireless RWC B $453,915
Trotter Johnny DIR First Finl Bank FFIN B $426,806
Frost Phillip Md CEO,CB,BO Opko Health OPK B $344,779
Apollo Tot Ret Fd O Apollo Tac Inc Fd AIF B $268,690
Bilger Bruce R DIR Stellus Capital SCM B $240,143
Downes David K DIR Thl Credit TCRD B $200,081
George Whitney FO,DIR,BO Royce Focus Tr FUND JB* $195,042
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Source: | Key to Insider Title and Trans Type Codes

Insider Sales
Filer Name Insider Titles Company Name Ticker Trans
Dollar Value
Aziz Ashar CTO,DIR Fireeye FEYE S $83,032,128
Dewalt David G CEO,DIR Fireeye FEYE S $38,629,080
Mandia Kevin R VP,COO Fireeye FEYE S $18,102,190
Ptarmagin BO Skullcandy SKUL S $13,757,286
Patterson Neal L CB,CEO Cerner CERN S $11,244,133
Waterman William DIR Kirby KEX S $8,272,433
Lorberbaum Mark BO Mohawk Ind MHK S $8,203,034
Duckett W David PR,BO Plains All Am Pipe PAA S $7,219,081
Hower Robert DIR Channeladvisor ECOM S $5,870,473
Straumins Jennifer PR,COO Calumet Specialty CLMT S $5,206,941
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Source: | Key to Insider Title and Trans Type Codes